Borderline slumlord tactics

It's not reasonable to send an eviction notice for a payment a day late. As you mentioned, most places allow a short grace period. In my opinion, the reasonable action would be to send a polite reminder that the rent is due, and send the eviction notice only when you haven't received word at the end of the grace period. I'd rather have a good tenant who pays a day late than a bad one who pays on time, or no tenant at all.

Don't bend to their every whim.

If a tenant complains about the colour of his/her fridge, it's reasonable for the landlord to tell said tenant where to stick said fridge. If you try to charge the tenant for every little problem, I won't be surprised if you have a very high turnover rate. It's your responsibility as a landlord to provide a comfortable residence and the rent you charge is compensation for that responsibility. With your attitude, I pity the people who rent from you. As my mom always said, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

Finally, my experience with tenants who live on some form of government assistance (and therefore are guaranteed to pay their rent) is that they really don't give a flying shit what happens to the property.

I say so because I've witnessed yards that were ignored and grew chin-high with weeds, houses abandoned and full of fleas, garages literally full of garbage, and the worst one of all, a kitchen gutted by a fire started by an uninvited drunken guest (who later passed out in the house) after the house was abandoned.

Luckily said guest narrowly escaped death by smoke inhalation thanks to the fire department.

There's also been some flap here lately from landlords who've stopped receiving rent cheques now that they are no longer sent directly to the landlord.