My god, what is it with some americans.

When I first saw the advertisment, I couldn't resist smiling a little. SW, just another fastfood chain and especially an american chain, making fun of the beating of Mc Donalds. That was just too hilarious too take seriously. I mean come on, who really believes that a one month diet consisting of footlong SW sandwitches with Coke and Crisps or Cookies for desert will not let you gain weight and make you sick?

But hearing now about people in the US taking this advertisment seriously and being offended really surprises me. I guess as soon as it comes to national symbols and national pride, humour is an unknown for some poeple.

People make fun of Germans all the time, depicting them as Lederhosen wearing drunk idiots. So what? Doesn't bother me at all. Isn't it ok to let them have their fun? On my last visit to the US I've seen this image in advertising for quite a few things supposedly german. Did you ever hear of a German politician complaining about it? I haven't.

This article from the BBC has a breakdown of obesity statistics by country. The Germans are definitely among the fattest of Europe, but German girls definitely have the edge on their American counterparts. My next trip to Europe will for certain include Italy, but check out the Russians - that is strange!

Too bad I didn't read this story earlier, I could've written this comment sooner.

First off, I have to say SW sucks ass. For years I have avoided SW in favor of local sub shops. Here are some reasons:

1. SW shops are slow. SW shops always employ the laziest teenagers that care the least about their jobs. The employees seem bored off their asses. If I enter a SW and see even two people ahead of me, I know it will take a while. I've seen other sub shops operate orders of magnitude faster.

2. SW is not fresh. Crusty bread and slimy meat that smells funny is not my idea of fresh but it seems to happen on a regular enough basis at SW to lead me to believe they must have a different definition of fresh than I do. Besides, who they are fooling calling their food "fresh" anyway. They're a large fast-food chain employing the same supply, storage, preparation and refrigeration techniques as any other. If you're under the impression SW salami is somehow more fresh than McDonald's hamburger, I'd say you're deluded.

3. SW stores are ugly. Oops, I meant to say fugly. Even worse than McDonald's. At least McDonald's is garish in a familiar comforting way. SW is just bad.

And SW's whole image thing of providing the healthier meal... it doesn't take much nutritional sense to see how thin that goes. You can eat healthy at SW, but it still depends on what you order. I'd be interested to see a straight up comparison of the average sub eaten at SW compared to the average McDonald's hamburger. Both chains mainly sell and promote their combo meals which come with hugely oversized sodas. People shouldn't be drinking pop at all. And whereas McDonald's comes with a side of fries, SW still gives you a bag of potato chips which probably contains two full servings. And if you base your analysis on just the burger, or just the sub, you still can go wrong. A lot of people like mayo on their subs, or cheese. Well shit, the mayo just ruined it for you. Maybe the McDonald's hamburger would've been 95% lean meat. Too bad you got a mayo-slathered sub.

And as for Morgan Spurlock doing a promotional deal with SW, that just seems like selling out to me. Spurlock's movie was good, but it didn't go very in depth. Basically I kind of considered it in conjunction with the book "Fast Food Nation", which is much much better. Sort of an attitude of "I saw the movie, now I'll read the book". The book goes so far beyond anything the movie covers. I think if Spurlock had anywhere near the same idealogy as the author of "Fast Food Nation", he'd never have let "Super Size Me" be involved with a promotional campaign for any fast food restaurant, including SW. Maybe I'm just bitter because I liked the movie and it pains me to see it associating itself with a restaurant chain I so utterly dislike. But anyway, I digres.