I wish it was that easy

I just came back from a vacation to Toronto. A week long getaway just to kill some time, get away from work, take in a couple shows, visit some friends and so forth.

While I was there, the distribution of thin, overweight and obese people depended largely on where I happened to be in the city. In the burbs by the airport where my hotel was, people were largely thin or in reasonable shape, with only the occasional morbidly obese person and those people tended to be old, or appeared to be disabled in some fashion.

But when I tripped down to Yonge and Bloor, the CN tower, or any of the typical tourist traps there was a much higher concentration of fat people, and much fatTER people. People who would appear to have no other infirmity other than weight related issues, spreading the entire gamut of age and race , with the exception of asians where anything more than 'pudgy' was still a rarity. Ask most anyone on the street or who works in a cafe or bistro downtown in TO, and they'll tell you where all those fatties are mostly coming from.

I've also taken trips to various parts of the US, the latest being LA. The distribution of weight I saw there wasn't totally out of line with what I saw in non-touristy parts of Toronto, or those of Seattle, or non-touristy parts of my own city.

Seems that the people travelling then are the ones which lend weight (heh!) to the stereotypes. Perhaps the majority people who travel out of the US are richer and therefore fatter than the norm. Perhaps the hedonism inherent to those who have a deep love of food carries over to a love of adventure in general which would yield more travellers.

Oh, please.

You lot have spent the past four years making jokes at the expense of pretty much every other nation in the world. You mock people who won't join your wars, you imply Canadians are northern hillbillies, say the French smell, and link all Germans with Nazis. You sell "freedom fries." Like your mum probably told you, if you can't take it, don't dish it out.

Secondly, I've seen the ad that bears an "uncanny resemblance" to the 9/11 (since when did this become Terror Attacks(tm)?) It bears far more resemblance to a circa-1950s monster film attack than that, which is hinted at by the rest of the ad.

There is no question that the attacks

Whatever you do, however you express yourself, you're going to upset someone.

True, most of the time the someone's going to be a daft American with nothing better to do with their life, but I digress.

The SW ad sounds like corporate thinking at its best: a daft idea taken one step beyond anything previously associated with stupidity. It is so goddamn pointless and moderately offensive to fat people that I had to go through the article twice to make sure I'd read it right.

On second read, it's not so bad a notion. We should run more of these ads, keeping feelers out for anyone who reacts negatively to them. Then we can round the morons up, and send them off to power my mud mines in Brazil.

Stereotypes are an unavoidable side effect of archetype logic, a powerful tool in itself. Relying on one for most of our daily thinking and and denying the other is a little hypocritical.

Besides, what happened to the old Liberal maxim that if you're IT you can call yourself IT without causing offense? I'm thinking of black people calling each other 'nigger', and homosexuals referring to each other as 'gay' without breaking out in lawsuits all over the place. Isn't SW an American company? Aren't they allowed, under the cock-eyed logic that rules the world these days?